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I bought a Fastcard pre-paid atm card for my teen aged son.According to instructions, you transfer it over to a pre paid credit card. We followed the instructions, and waiting for a month for the neww card.

I gave them a call.That was a miracle to get to talk to someone live.Any way, I was informed that they couldn't change the card over! I couldn't believe that they hadn't contacted me. They did apologize and gave me instructions on how to obtain a refund. I followed those exactly.

Its been 2 month without a word from them. I can't get in touch with a human.

I am out $200 plus the $10 for the worthless piece of plastic!!!

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Just so you know, those cards essentially open bank accounts for you. so feel free to walk up to the bank and get your kid a bank account, disable overdrafts, and teach your kid about banking.

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I bought a $100 reloadable card buy mistake (thought I was getting the actual card. The store where I bought it told me I had to contact Fastcard.

It was impossible to reach a human being at Fastcard. Both their phone and website are like a revolving door.

I know $100 is a small amount but to a poor person like me it might as well be a million. If I could I'd like to sue these bastards.

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